34 Tropical Groom Attire Ideas To Look Awesome - Weddingomania

34 Tropical Groom Attire Ideas To Look Awesome - Weddingomania


Dressing up for a beach or tropical wedding is a little bit tricky because the climate is usually hot, and it may be difficult to find proper attire to look awesome and not sweat excessively, and it's especially difficult for grooms. Choose light and natural fabrics, first of all, to feel more comfortable during a hot day, and don't create too many layers not to oversweat. Now let's consider some cool ideas of groom attire for those of you who have chosen a tropical location to get married.


If you want to look super stylish, a suit is your choice but keep in mind that you will feel hot. Choose the most natural and light fabric ever, opt for lighter shades if possible because dark ones heat even more. Opt for a light shirt, maybe even with short sleeves, and accessorize your look with a bold tie or bow tie and a tropical flower boutonniere. If you feel daring, rock a bold blue or emerald suit or just bold pants as it's a vibrant tropical affair, why not? A classic black tuxedo will be always a great choice if you are hesitating what to choose.

Suits With No Tie

A suit with no tie or bow tie is another popular idea to rock because it looks decent enough and feels not so hot as with a tie because you can unbutton your shirt a little. Such a casual and comfy looks is amazing for any colors of suit, it can be white, creamy, beige, light grey, or maybe a light-colored jacket with dark pants. Accessorize your look with a bold tropical boutonniere and be gorgeous!

No Jacket Looks

Not wearing a jacket when it's hot is a good idea, so if you decided to do that, we have a couple of options for you. You can rock a cool vest - it may be a suit with a vest and a bold bow tie, such a look will be serious enough for a wedding but still comfier than with a jacket, you won't seat that much. Another idea is wearing a shirt and pants, nothing else, this is the most comfortable idea ever, and you can add a bow tie and a cool boutonniere, of course. Get inspired!

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