Five things floral stylists wish you knew about reception flowers

Five things floral stylists wish you knew about reception flowers


Decorating your reception with an abundance of fresh blooms can have awe-inspiring results. Follow this simple guide for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

Depending on your theme, good floral styling can transform a room into a lively, whimsical or elegant setting for a wedding. Here are five things you really need to know about decorating with flowers before you talk to a wedding florist or event designer.

- O N E -

Think more about colour and less about type.

A well thought-out colour palette will set the theme for your wedding and ultimately inspire your flowers. Keep in mind that flowers are seasonal and will cost more or be unavailable at different times of the year. By focussing on the overall look and feel (a.k.a the colour palette), you're leaving room for a floral stylist to unleash their creative genius.

(1) Photography: Julian Beattie / Styling: Lovebird Weddings (2) Styling: One Wedding Wish (3) Photography: Willow and Co.

- T W O -

Money is never "wasted" on foliage.

While everyone remembers the pretty petals, foliage is working hard behind the scenes to make those flowers sing. Luscious green leaves really make the colours pop! This is even the case for white flowers as their contrasting hues and textures are really highlighted. Foliage is your friend!

(1) Photography: Alison Mayfield / Styling and Planning: Sooti / Florist: Flower Jar (2) Photography: Jodi McDonald / Florist: A Sculpted Leaf (3) Photography: Nerida McMurray / Styling, Planning and Floristry: Oak and Linden

- T H R E E -

Trust your floral stylist with structure.

Neat rows of perfectly arranged flowers does sound pretty, but a true floral master knows that varying the height and structure will add a whole lot of pizzazz! A little variation adds sophistication, depth and complexity to the arrangement.

(1) Photography: Rebecca Mercia / Styling and floristry: Chic Rustique (2) Styling: Touched by Angels (3) Photography: Hikari / Styling and planning: The Style Co.

- F O U R -

Get creative with vases.

The vase is often an untapped styling resource. Rather than it being an afterthought, why not send through photos of your wedding vases as inspiration? A good floral stylist will want to know how the reception flowers will be displayed on the day.

(1) Photography: Gui Jorge / Florist: Piccolo Pear (2) Photography: CJ Williams / Styling and planning: Hope and Lace (1) Photography: Rebecca Mercia / Styling and floristry: Chic Rustique / (2) Photography: Sandra Henri Photography / Styling: Princess Allure

- F I V E -

You won't regret making a floral statement.

A floral statement will draw the eye in and evoke a sense of wonder and festivity. Whether it's a feature wall, table runner or something totally unique, big blooms are always a talking point. Ask your floral stylist what they think will work for your reception! For inspo, check out these 8 Hanging Floral Installations That Will Make You GASP!

(1) Styling: One Wedding Wish (2) Photography: Sandra Henri Photography / Styling: Princess Allure (3) Photography: Jenny Sun Photography / Styled by Linda

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