33 Impressive Tropical Wedding Stationary Ideas - Weddingomania

33 Impressive Tropical Wedding Stationary Ideas - Weddingomania


Tropical weddings are amazing! Choose a destination location, go there and enjoy hot weather, tropical fruits and the sea, sunbathe and swim, and get married there. Many guys choose tropical destinations because they give you relaxation before and after the nuptials, it's a wedding and honeymoon in one. If you've decided on rocking such a destination wedding, it's high time to invite everyone you love and want to see at your nuptials and you'll need some cool stationary for that.

Tropical wedding stationary is special: it's bold, juicy and brings that cool tropical coloring easily. It's a perfect way to hint on the style of your wedding, and to make the guests feel already there. You may rock leaves, tropical blooms, fruits and bold shades, mix them all or choose something else. Let's have a look at some ideas you can choose from, they are all splashing with tropical colors and prints.

Leaf Stationary

Banana, palm and fern leaves show the tropical coloring at their best! Rock these leaf prints or some watercolor leaf décor on your stationary and some bold envelopes: hot pink, turquoise, emerald, blue or yellow. You can try laser cut green envelopes to make the invites more eye-catching. I also like bold leaf invites in kraft paper envelopes with leaf print lining, they look contrasting and cute. You can even add real palm leaves to your invites for a chic look.

Tropical Flower Stationary

Tropical blooms are no worse for describing your location than tropical leaves! Choose your favorite ones, or rock lots of blooms and make bold and colorful wedding stationary. These can be tropical flowers from your wedding bouquet if you already know what they will be. They can be printed, watercolored or even laser cut, in any bold colors or the colors of your wedding, it's all up to you. You can mix them with tropical leaves, pineapples and add some bold envelopes - emerald or gold ones.

Pineapple Stationary

Pineapples are the most popular tropical fruits, and you just need them to decorate your wedding and stationary, of course. Choose pineapple prints for your invites, or paint them yourself on them, pineapples go well with bold floral patterns, with elegant gold lining. You can try just pineapple lining with neutral stationary or just some pineapple framing for an eye-catchy look. As for other tropical fruit, you could also go for coconuts, it's up to you.

Colorful Stationary

Bold and juicy colors are characteristic of tropical weddings, and you can rock them on your wedding stationary. Colorful flamingos and tropical prints, flowers, fruits and other stuff are amazing to rock on your wedding stationary. You can also try plain colorful invites or bold framing for them, that will be great for tropical weddings. Geometric decor is in trend, so you can choose colorful geometric patterns if you want.

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