Dia De Los Muertos Inspired Painted Wedding Dress

Dia De Los Muertos Inspired Painted Wedding Dress


Colour loving babes listen up! If you've been wondering if rocking a coloured gown on your wedding day was the right choice or not then I'm pretty sure today's incredible photo shoot will help you make up you mind. I mean WOW.

Inspired by the colours of Dia De Los Muertos, photographer Christina Sanchez, dreamt up this incredible shoot. "We shot in Mission San Juan Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano in California", she said. "I love collaborating with amazingly talented people to create unforgettable imagery. We created this to share with everyone who loves these same things as much as we do!"

The dress was hand-painted by artist Jessica Cruz! "When you hand-paint a dress the options are endless! We went for colour, colour and more colour! We want this shoot to tell brides to dare to be you no matter what your style or what anyone says! This shoot brought together my dream look so anyone can do it!"

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