34 Cutest Wedding Ring Boxes To Get Inspired - Weddingomania

34 Cutest Wedding Ring Boxes To Get Inspired - Weddingomania


Whatever your wedding theme and colors are, every detail should be flawless: from your stationary to the candies in your candy bar. A wedding ring box may seem one of such small details but it's still important: you can keep your rings in this box until the big day and your bearer will carry them in this box. How to choose such a box? You can buy or make it yourself according to your wedding theme and shades and fill the way you like. Let me show you some examples.

Wooden Boxes

Wood is the most popular metarial for making ring boxes because it can match a lot of styles. If you are having a rustic wedding, try a cool wood log wedding ring box! Cut it out of a real wood log, add carved or wood burnt décor and store your rings inside, you can also make a matching card box. One more idea is a stained wooden box filled with burlap, lace and decorated with wood burnt décor.

A stained wedding ring box filled with moss, leaves, grass can be a nice idea for a rustic, woodland or garden wedding. Birch wedding ring boxes with carved décor look cute and nice, thy will fit your backyard or woodland wedding. If you are having a vintage or garden wedding, a whitewashed box filled with petals and flowers will look amazing.

Glass Boxes

A glass box with metal framing is an elegant choice, which fits a vintage, art deco, refined and even a glam wedding. Choose cool geometric shapes for an exquisite look, the glass will be sheer and fill the box with feathers, moss, grass, flowers, leaves or whatever you like - even velvet. Fin a vintage box with brass detailing with a chain to hold it and you'll get a gorgeous look! I love the idea of filling such a box with moss and succulents, looks very modern.

Acrylic Boxes

If you are rocking a modern or minimalist wedding, your best option is a trendy clear acrylic wedding ring box. It may have a double bottom to fill the lower one with feathers, leaves, flowers or other things. Such a box can also fit a glam or an art décor wedding.

Other Ideas

There is a plenty of other ideas to try: refined lace boxes with rhinestones, metal and enamel ones, gilded metal ones, seashells for beach or coastal weddings and so on. Find your perfect wedidng ring box or make it if you can't find an ideal one. Get inspired!

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