25 Captivating Wedding Lighting Ideas for 2017

25 Captivating Wedding Lighting Ideas for 2017


When you think of wedding styling, don't forget to consider the lighting! Here are 25 stylish and creative ways to illuminate your day.

Modern Wedding 74 is making us completely rethink the way we approach lighting. One of our favourite stories from the latest edition of the magazine is "Top 10 Tips for Reception Perfection". It's full of the savvy and sassy advice about how to put your wedding day together #likeaboss. Number five on the list is, you guessed it, lighting!

Well-chosen wedding lighting creates atmosphere and ensures your décor will stand out. As a focal point, decorative lighting creates the most romantic and whimsical parties.

Feeling inspired, we've collected some amazing examples of wedding lighting from Australia and around the world. Hello styling goals!

If you're loving the lighting inspiration, take a look at these ideas for styling a wedding with lights + don't forget to pick up a copy of the latest edition of Modern Wedding Magazine here!

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