This wedding photographer will travel for FREE to your wedding

This wedding photographer will travel for FREE to your wedding


Good - no - GREAT freaking news for those of you still looking for a wedding photographer for your 2017 wedding:

Longtime Offbeat Bride sponsor and all-around great guy Dustin Cantrell is looking to fill his remaining 2017 wedding photography dates with awesome Offbeat Bride couples. In order to do so he's offering no travel fees for any couples that mention this post and are getting married this year!

Yeah... you heard that right. If you aren't jumping up and down with excitement, or making smiley faces (like those two pictured above) it may be because you're unfamiliar with just how amazing Dustin is.

Allow some of his former clients to get you in a jumping and smiling mood...

"By far the best vendor we hired for our wedding day. Dustin is such a joy to work with, know exactly what he's doing, and was able to capture our wedding even better than we could have expected. I recommend having the engagement shoot, just as a way to get to know each other a little bit before the big day. We didn't really "want" one (we didn't have plans to blast the photos all over social media or anything) but are so glad we decided to go for it. We were so impressed with the end result. Seriously... we'd get married again just to get to work with Dustin a second time!"

" Dustin is the man! He excels not only in his photography, but runs his business very professionally. We had very little stress in planning this aspect due to his super quick response time, helpful tips, and friendly reminders to provide him things he needed. It was so comforting to know that he was organized and prepared.

Now, let's talk about his photos ... he did an amazing job capturing all aspects of our Yosemite wedding. Everything was outdoors in the forest, which can make for some challenging lighting conditions. Well, he nailed it and we were amazed at how good the photos came out. He has a gift of really capturing the emotion and experience while also producing high quality photographs. This guy will go above and beyond for you and is always prepared.

We did a day after shoot in Yosemite Valley and Glacier Point and Dustin had already driven to all the places and picked out the spots. He really does his research and produced easily the best Yosemite wedding photos I've ever seen. We were blessed with great lighting and he made such a huge effort to give us stunning photos. Can't thank him enough!"

No matter where you are - from the beaches of Hawaii to the middle of nowhere Yosemite - San Francisco wedding photographer Dustin Cantrell will swoop in like a superhero to save you from your (until now) photographer-less wedding. Seriously, DROP EVERYTHING and see if Dustin has your wedding date free.

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