16mm film love story, wedding vows

We're so excited we finally get to share Jessica and JP's love story! It debuted at their reception last night. I love the premise behind it. Jess & JP wanted to write their own vows, but they were afraid they'd be too emotional to make it through them during their ceremony. So they wanted to use a love story to convey what they wanted to say to one another. We took a literal approach and had them each write and record their vows separately, and then the first time they saw the video or heard each other's vows was when the film played at their reception. I'm so happy they trusted us enough to let us do it this way, because it was so fun seeing their reactions. P.S. Thanks to Paper8 for helping out with some of the details for this shoot, and Kevin Paul Photography who had some old 16mm film lying around and gave it to us when he learned we'd bought a Scoopic. Also, thanks to Jessica and JP for being such troopers. One of our locations was along the Arkansas River. Upon finishing up out there, we turned around to see the water had risen and the path we'd taken was gone! So we all got a little wet, but ended up with a great story. :-)

Source : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qddhnsk37bq&feature

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