Wedding - Here come the newlyweds

Here come the newlyweds

This one was for fun. After all, the groom told me before the wedding that I was hired to show up with a camera and "do my thing". Well, pinhole is a fairly integral part of that thing, so I made a point to make a few pinhole images (which reminds me to finish the roll I have in there now in the next week as there are a few wedding images on it). For this one I had to move fast. Fast as in totally unpinhole-like speeds. First off, I was roaming the ceremony making what photos I found and I started to circle back around to the aisle with this image sort of in the back of my mind only to find the other photographer crouched down making images down the aisle. We had been working really well together and I didn't want to ask her to move and hinder her photos so I started to rapidly brainstorm a Plan B. Serendipitously though, just as the bride and groom started to walk down the grassy aisle, she got up and moved back and off to the side. I snatched up my tripod, thunked it down, slipped the camera onto it (thank god for quick release plates) and whipped out a four second exposure, all within about the meager ten seconds I had available. As chance had it, the exposure turned out, and in interesting enough fashion too. :-) Fun stuff. Photography that is. Well weddings and pinholes too of course.

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