Wedding - Puttin On The Ritz

Puttin On The Ritz

I really don’t do a whole lot of high-end weddings. My motivation has always been to help out those whose parents aren’t billionaires with a 7-digit budget for their daughter’s wedding. Everyone deserves awesome wedding photos regardless of what they look like, or where they are getting married. This past weekend however, I photographed the wedding of a model at a 5-star luxury resort in southern Orange County. Quite the opposite. And I’d be lying if I said that photographing a beautiful bride in an amazing location didn’t have it’s perks. Just about every photo was blog-worthy but what was most surprising was how down-to-earth them and their friends were. They certainly had a dream wedding and trusted in me and my second shooter Ro of Sugar Plum Studios to capture every detail and emotion. Alone I took 1300 photos which is a new record for me. I now she probably took something like that as well. I’m going to turn old and gray before I finish editing all these things. But they’re going to be something special. Promising a quick turn-around, I posted 58 other wedding photos on my Facebook fan page Feel free to snoop around. There are a lot of good ones.

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