Wedding - The Path To The Honeymoon

The Path To The Honeymoon

I’ve only been engaged a week, but the frustration of planning a honeymoon through Europe already makes me want to elope in Hawaii. I suppose that’s why a lot of newlyweds choose an all-inclusive resort which provides plenty of things to do and the ability to relax. What we want to do is a 9 day road trip through western Europe, hitting the highlights. Sure things in Europe are closer together, but in 9 days, including travel to/from really knocks down the things you can do/see. So right now I’m thinking Paris for 2 nights, then a night in the Rhine River valley, south to see Neuschwanstein castle, then a day or so in Switzerland, a day in Lake Como, Italy, then a day in Venice, finishing up in Florence for a couple nights. Something like that? SURE, we’d also love to hit Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague… but in 9 days, it’s almost impossible. I mean it IS, but part of us also wants to relax. So here’s my question to you married people: Where did you go, and would you recommend it?

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