Wedding - Hallelujah!


Almost 10 years ago on September 11, 2001 I woke up at my Las Vegas hotel on a work trip and turned on the TV before going into the shower. The shower ran for 30 minutes without me in it because I was awestruck at what every single station (except Nickelodeon) was showing live. I thought it was a real-life disaster movie. So that’s where I was for that. Last night I photographed my friend’s family and was picking up a large Gourmet Garlic pizza at Garlic Jim’s pizza in Simi Valley with Jessica when we saw a NEWS FLASH on their tiny TV in the corner. Osama bin Laden was killed. My parents and probably yours remember just where they were when they found out that Kennedy had been shot. Our memories typically add a location to the things that have a significant impact in our lives. It’s probably called something like spatial cognitive memory. Where you then, and then last night? Any similarity?

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