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Blur Your Past

Dear British Press - I currently have no plans next weekend and I have a passport. If you need someone to cover that little wedding you're having for Will & Kate, let me know and I can handle it. I have previous experience with weddings, know English, only shoot with Nikon, and will give you a discount since it's in a castle. I can be ready on a moment's notice and promise not to post images on Flickr, or to come wearing a fro. But I'm going back to lovely Paso Robles & Atascadero to do a beautiful barn wedding. And then Sunday, with any/all luck, I'll find myself in Long Beach at the Grand Prix of Long Beach. And I'm hoping to hear good news about the new house, as it's tied up in Escrow waiting for the second mortgage to get written off, and then we can close and I can start painting. Have a good weekend all. Spring is here!

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