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Emo Sunset

Enough of the Emo crap from me. The future starts today, so why wait? Who wants to buy me lunch? Who wants to buy me a Nikon D3S, 14-24 and a trip to somewhere a little different, like Montreal? Peru? Norway? I finished editing Carly & Jeremy’s wedding last night and only have one more until I’m caught up. Honestly this location, right here is by far the most amazing wedding portrait spot I’ve ever seen. I can only imagine it being trumped by Lake Como, Italy next month, but since this is only a few hours from LA, I can’t imagine a place more surreal, romantic and breathtaking than this. Who knows, someday? We have two weddings this weekend, and both of them are at amazing venues. I’m so looking forward to them. I know it’s going to be an absolute blast. Have a great day everyone. Don’t be grumpy. Happiness is just a smile away. Strobist - Vivitar 283HV camera right, 1/4th power, triggered with Cyber Sync's.

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