Wedding - Above All Obstacles

Above All Obstacles

I was really, really hoping to start showing the more creative side to my wedding photography instead of these typical "kiss at sunset" kind of shots, but man, so many things had to happen for this wedding and for this particular shot to happen, that I just had to post this. And I'll post more later on of this wedding, but I just now processed this shot and almost gasped as I did my final CS3 touches (dupe layer, soft light). I know my photography is all over the place (barns, cars, weddings, families, etc) but I really do enjoy weddings. And I'm inspired by some of the best photographers in the world, who happen to be here on Flickr. Some of these people need no introduction because their first name says it all. Ryan, Tracie, James Rubio, Dustin Stellar, Caroline Tran among many others on here show a flare for not only creativity, boldness but great camera technique, personality and individuality. Thank you to them! I used my buddy Geoff's SB600 for my fill flash, and then did some minor dodging/burning to even out the exposure a little on the grass. Maybe in the new year, an Alien Bee portable setup.

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