Wedding - Just Moments Before

Just Moments Before

While at sushi last night, a potential wedding client asked me, “so regardless of money, what is your favorite thing to photograph?”. I just looked at her and said, “Weddings”. It’s the perfect combination of using your personality, technical abilities and creative ideas to create & capture someone’s most memorable day. And once I said that, I realized… crap, that’s a lot of pressure! But it’s really not. Every wedding and every couple is different. Sometimes you have to create magic with a normal-looking couple at Conference Room B at the Holiday Inn Express in Bakersfield. Other times you get an attractive, young couple who pays for you to go out to an exotic island to photograph their wedding in a large, historic theater. My job isn’t to only take those amazing weddings. Everyone deserves quality photos of their wedding; this one just happened to be slightly more amazing. This was all natural light. More wedding photos and scenery photos on my updated blog Be my fan-riend

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