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Tuxedo Toe

Those people that know me well know that I did stand-up and improv in Hollywood for a few years. I was never really that good, but I still have a huge silly streak and a passion for making people laugh. I appreciate a good sense of humor. And last Saturday, the bride Jennifer was asked by her now-husband to keep the wedding as formal as possible. As a police officer, he wanted a formal, classy wedding. Jennifer, with an awesomely tainted sense of humor, decided to accommodate this request by having a tuxedo painted on her big toes. The rest of the wedding was a blast too. Both of them were such good sports in so many ways. Their wedding party and their friends/family were also well-behaved yet spunky. It was a great mix, a beautiful location and I know they will have a long, beautiful life together! Instead of putting all the photos below in the first comment, I actually updated my neglected blog with 23497239067 photos from last Saturday Also wanted to say on a personal note that watching the Chilean miners being rescued today gave me a renewed sense of what it means to appreciate your friends/family. I hope none of you ever have to go through what they are, but instead are able to love each other the way they are moments after coming out of the capsule. Facebook

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