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Happy Lines

In 1994 I was applying to colleges who had great Geography programs. (my major) I applied to UCLA (dream), UC Santa Barbara (why not) and Fresno State (safety school). I got accepted immediately to UCSB and Fresno State, but UCLA took their time. One of the guys I played basketball with at the local park was a guy from my high school named Eric. He was a year ahead and already going to UCSB with 3 others from his high school class. He invited me up for a night to see if I liked it up there. I did. Waiting for UCLA, I decided if they didn’t want me, then I’d go with my #2. So he and I were roommates for one year, and then again from 2001-2004 while living in LA. So I know the guy pretty good. He’s a professional chef and just last year he met the woman of his dreams, Nooshi. He asked me to be a guest, but I told him I could be a guest and also help take pictures. As you’ll see from my instantly updated blog, he and his wife have a great sense of humor. Now they met on, and in tribute to all those goofy, “real-life couple” eHarmony photos they have on their site, they decided to create some of their own, and submit them to the website. Man, would that be the best photo credit ever. (then again, I think this was my 10th eharmony wedding) Go Gauchos!!

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