Wedding - You Can't Hide From Love

You Can't Hide From Love

They’re giving out FREE flu shots here today at work for employees. They’ve done this the past 4 years here. And I’ll give you a guess of how many times I’ve got the free flu shot? Hint – it’s the same number of times I’ve actually had the flu. Zero. In the past 90 years, I don’t think I’ve ever really had the flu, just appendicitis. So now that I’ve stated that publically… So yesterday was my day of rest. I spent it in Santa Barbara with a great bride/groom who allowed me to photograph them for almost as long as I wanted. They were very patient and suggested their shots at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. Lived in SB for many years, but never went inside. Amazing place. I could post shots from there all week. Now the other wedding had a much different collection of people. Probably will be posting their photos after I filter them a bit more. Certainly a wild one, Mike! Now I have 11 days off from shooting. The last 9 days I've done 5 weddings, a charity event, a school event, a sunrise shoot and a newborn. I’m kinda happy, as my right hand is sore. My eyes are also sore, but nothing more coffee can’t fix. Happy pre-Tuesday everyone. LARGER

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