Wedding - Love Is In The Wind

Love Is In The Wind

About 5 hours after photographing my previous shot I was up in Moorpark photographing one of the most beautiful weddings all year. I really didn’t know what to expect since the wedding site was the Underwood Family Farm near where I live, but I’m always open to something new. When I got there, I was amazed by it’s natural beauty, lighting, greenery, etc. Not only that, but I was blessed with a beautiful bride & groom to work with. The ambient light was so bright I didn’t use flash at all during the ceremony, and then for the posed-candids, I used my 85 1.4D and set them out in this orchard adjacent to the ceremony site. They were an easy couple to work with, and overall it was a great experience. When I got home, I immediately reviewed the photos and used Lightroom (primarily) to get this photo. I didn’t have to do much to it. Sometimes ‘sorry’ isn’t enough, and you have to live with the guilt for the hurt you’ve caused someone. If nothing else, that pain in our heart serves as a reminder never to do it again. I’m sorry. I traded the very talented Emerald England a 20x30 photo print of mine in exchange for this wonderful new logo for my photography business. I’ve never had a logo before, so the thought of creating a logo with a manly feel to it, was hard for me to fathom. But she put an Old West vibe on it, and I dig the colors. Thanks Emerald!

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