Wedding - Epic Lunch Fail

Epic Lunch Fail

I have tried in recent times to become more humble and have a less proud outlook when it comes to accomplishments, challenges, talent, etc. So why is it that a somewhat mature man still has the ego to accept an eating challenge from someone who is not even challenging me? My parents told me about this new restaurant near where I work and said that their “small” salad was enough to feed 3 people. So instantly my mind says, “Are they saying I’m not a man?? Are they challenging me to eat an entire salad full of foo-foo ingredients???”. So no more than half a day after making a non-confrontational statement, do I go into the restaurant, order a small BBQ Chicken Chop Salad to go, bring it back to work here, and MAYBE eat about half of it before severe food coma sets in. What is wrong with men and their food egos??? Try being around a group of guys and saying, “Oh, don’t use this hot sauce, it’s WAY too hot” and what do you think will happen? At a restaurant the waiter always says, “ok, don’t touch this plate it’s really hot…” and what does the guy do as soon as the waiter is gone to prove his masculinity? Anyone want half a salad?

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