Wedding - The Most Amazing Bridal Portrait Ever

The Most Amazing Bridal Portrait Ever

One of the main reasons Meg & Matt had their wedding by the beach in Ventura was because they wanted stunning sunset photos on the beach. I cautioned them that in the Summer this part of California only rarely gets a decent sunset because of either an extended June Gloom OR boring blue skies. So on Saturday after all the frustration of the formals and the introductions, first dance... I started noticing how the clouds were forming to the west. Being an experienced landscape photographer helped me determine the right time to ask them to come with me to the beach, knowing it would only be a few minutes where the sun would peek below the low clouds, yet still be above the horizon. So moments before they were to do the toasts I told them it was happening now. We needed to go now. The DJ said, "but we need to do the toasts now to be on schedule..." Sorry, too bad. I stole them anyway. I only needed them for 5 minutes. Their poses didn't have to be anything intricate, they just needed to be out there. I got 15 photos of them in a variety of poses during a very short 6 minute window of good light. I used my new Nikkor 24 1.4G lens and my SB-800 on half power triggered remotely with my Cactus V5 wireless trigger. Yes the light is harsh, and I love it. So do they. ps. yes her wedding dress does have pink undertones to it. It was amazing in person.

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