Wedding - Quality Beer = Quality Marriage

Quality Beer = Quality Marriage

It's been three weeks now since I photographed Maggie & Matt's wedding at the Strathern Historical Park in Simi Valley, Ca, but the memory lives on. We had a fantastical time and walked away with a lot of great images from their day. This is a new technique that I'm trying that I've seen some of the blogs doing more of. Using the 2005 technique of Miniture Tilt-shift fake/lens blur, I'm intentionally creating old photos. I'm not sure why this technique is used, but I also can't be an old bump-on-the-log and sit back and let the younger generation dictate what does and doesn't work for modern wedding photography. So if you can't beat them, join them. But I've yet to see some of those young punk wedding 'togs that really know how to use remote flash very well. At least I got that going for me. And YES, their photos are blogged on my new blog here!. Please take a look at the final product and feel free to comment.

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