Wedding - This Engagement Party Looks Fishy

This Engagement Party Looks Fishy

Of all the small backyard weddings I’ve done for college roommates, this was my first. Not only was it NOT their backyard, it wasn’t even supposed to be a wedding. Diego and I were roommates at UC Santa Barbara when I was a junior there. Remained friends, and a few months ago he asked me, “hey, my fiancé and I are having this engagement party at our house in January. What our guest don’t know is we’re actually going to surprise them and get married on the spot, can you cover it?” I of course said yes. But January… backyard?? It was suppose to be 50 people in their backyard, maybe a BBQ, and someone to play some music, and then me taking pictures. But then logistics came into play, and they realized “what if it rains” so they had to reserve a huge tent. Then food… catered food+utensils+linens+tables & chairs+ people to serve it.. and then parking, and other permits and then 50 people became 75, which became 140… Screw it. Tell everyone it’s a wedding and move it to a local country club. And that’s what became of this small, personal backyard wedding which ended up at a country club. Fisheye lens on a Nikon D4, held over my head. And for those of you who know her, my wife is somewhere in the audience. She was nice enough to accompany me, and we had a very romantic dance together on this very dance floor.

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