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Erich McVey

A few people have emailed this week asking if I’m still hosting my in-person workshops in 2017. The answer is, I’m not - that’s why I created my online craft and business course with @ifimade. It contains everything I used to teach in my workshops (and so much more I never had time to cover). It’s 750+ pages, contains 16 printable worksheets, and you receive 3 video tutorials of me shooting. You’ll also gain access to a private Facebook community with myself and other students of the course. My workshops used to be priced from $4,500 but my online course is just $1,195. Even better - it’s currently 25% off (saving you almost $300) as part of the @ifimade Flash Sale. Use the code #FlashSale at checkout via the link in my profile to take advantage of the discount. #ifimadeweddingphotography #ifimade #erichmcveyworkshop

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