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If you’ve enjoyed the three days of free training with @shannaskidmore, you’re going to love this news... Pricing For Creatives, Shanna’s online course produced in partnership with @ifimade has been updated and is on sale now for $150 OFF! We listened to all of the feedback from those of you who took the course last year and we enhanced the original material. You’ll now find more in-depth examples from 10+ creatives who employed Shanna’s principles to their own businesses, we made the pricing formulas simpler and more specific to your industries, and upgraded the attached worksheets to be more user-friendly and more helpful, essentially doing all the hard math for you, so you can get on with doing the things you love. If you need more of Shanna’s teachings in your life (Hint! We all do!) follow the link in our profile and take advantage of the one-week sale. If you’ve purchased the course in the past, don’t worry - you’ll receive an email with the updated content so you won’t miss a thing. #thebusinessyouwant #pricingforcreatives #ifimade

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