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"As we toured the first-floor artwork, Sean asked the artist if the exhibit had a name, "Le Nadia — a beautiful French woman I fell in love with" the artist replied. If I was thinking harder I may have realized that while I’m not French, Le Nadia is my name, Daniela, rearranged. This was only the beginning. Every piece of art in the gallery, I would later discover, was meaningful to our relationship. From the sleek splatter painting of the numbers 1323, the exact number of days we had dated up until that night, to the sketch of a father and daughter arguing (Sean thinks he’s my dad sometimes), to my favorite piece – a giant wall of 43 colorful balloons, the number of months we’ve dated and symbolic of our favorite movie UP! Despite all the signs around me, I was still clueless, and the biggest surprises were still to come..."

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Does this belong to you Or do you know who sells it ?

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