Wedding - Tidewater and Tulle

Tidewater and Tulle

[vienna] Total eco-heaven oasis! As the world's first urban hotel with a zero energy balance, our host @boutiquehotelstadthalle was the perfect teacher in sharing what sustainable travel is all about. While we believe that travel is important for enhancing relationships, we also know that tourism can sometimes negatively affect the environment. Reusing towels is a great step in the right direction but there's definitely more ways to minimize your footprint while maximizing your experience! As a hotel, @boutiquehotelstadthalle takes it to a whole other level by producing their own renewable solar energy, educating guests about what is eco-minded in the rooms, and even displaying eclectic upcycled art and furniture creations around the hotel. It's no wonder it has won so many green & hospitality awards! It's a feel good charming kinda place.

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