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Oh my goodness, we are so overwhelmed with your excitement for our book giveaway! If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to enter over on the post before this one and we will be picking our winner tomorrow. While our Wedding Calligraphy book won't teach you the art of pointed pen {we have a starter kit + workshops for that!}, it does include 4 alphabet exemplars. You can also find two more intermediate level flourished alphabets in our Beyond Beginner guide - one of them on a tracing pad! When you are developing your own style and continuing to expand your skill set and offerings as a calligrapher, it can help to see a variety of different alphabets as there are many ways to form each individual letter and you also want to start to recognize characteristics that are reflected in any given alphabet. You can find all of our tools and resources in the LHC shop via the link our profile, including this flourished alphabet pad in the Beyond Beginner guide. We would love to share my personal alphabets with you! {pic | pen holder + ink via @lhcalligraphy shop}

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