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@danielkrieger: "After a successful career in software developing, our guide Omar decided to occasionally tour around a few lucky people (including me!) through the complex terrain Iceland occupies. Omar went to California to earn his degrees, but eventually returned back to his home country. This is understandable when you stand by the sea in Iceland, and breath in air which you know is going to forever feel like a beatiful drug you've just done. Now you're back in the giant Monster Truck-sized vehicle barreling uphill on sheets of ice, as the wind crashes against the car with violent howls. All the trap music in the world might get you close to that glacier, but it's going to be Omar's driving that will know when to slowly turn around, and get everyone back to safety. The voices of the Viking Gods said 'Not today,' or as the popular refrain etched into pop-culture now goes, 'None Shall Pass.'" Thanks for following along! Follow @danielkrieger for more amazing travel and food photography.

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