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Shooting film isn’t a free pass to zero editing. “I don’t touch my scans before delivering to the client” is not a sentence you’ll ever hear me say. Yes, shooting film helps provide a welcome reprieve from the grind of transforming RAW digital files to beautiful final images, but film is not a magic bullet to solve all of your editing problems. I believe that to create consistent, beautiful work, we film photographers should invest time into our scans. Understanding what you have control over with your film, what role your lab plays in the final look of your film, how to best approach the variables you control, and how to work with your lab and broach issues when they arise can be overwhelming at first. Once you wrap your mind around these new practices, editing and understanding film scans is really very straightforward. If you’re looking to go “all in” as a film photographer, I'm sharing all I know through my online course, Wedding Photography with Erich McVey, including outlining every single detail of my post production workflow. I've kept no secrets. If you need to know it, I'm sharing it. More details via the link in my profile. This is the last day to buy the course at the sale price - it increases by $300 tomorrow. Catch the sale price tonight and take advantage of the payment plans option (just $79/month with immediate access to the entire course!).

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