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while in #30a (gulf coast of florida) this week, we were reaching out to our @airbnb owner to find out where the beach access was so we could set up chairs - important questions right? she took a while to respond and finally let us know her fiancé had been killed in afghanistan and she was in DC for his memorial, apologizing for her delay in response but also letting us know her head wasn't quite in the game. we found out her fiancé had been in the armed forces for 37 years, was a green beret at one point and was just about to retire but went back for one more deployment under special forces for the CIA. this was such a sad reminder for us to always remember and be thankful for our heroes who have given their all so we can enjoy our everyday freedom we can take for granted so easily. sending our love and gratitude to those who have served and those who have lost their loved ones, and honoring all of you today on Memorial Day.

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