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"I was riding to "dinner" with a few of my dearest friends, and I was talking their ear off about nails and music and everything under the sun. Before long, my friend that's driving says she thinks she lost. My first thought is "darn, because happy hour will be over in 4 minutes...". But then, we slowly pull up to this rustic house in a beautiful park. I asked if this was the restaurant and one of my friends (with an ear-to-ear grin) said "Noooo....". I didn't catch on so I asked why we were stopped then. A few words later, I'd figured it out and with my hand to my heart, tears on all of our cheeks, laughs from our bellies, I eagerly said “what do I do??!!” Next thing I know, my friend handed me a letter and I was reading something Michael had written me after our first date that I'd never even knew about...." The rest is on right now ❤️❤️❤️ photo by @rebeccataylorphotos

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