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"After I said yes, we walked to a romantic dinner and had the best service we've ever received. Right before we were about to leave the table, a somewhat random woman came up to us and said, "I hear you have something to celebrate!" We assumed she must have worked at the restaurant, as we humbly responded "yes! we just got engaged!" Then, the mysterious woman proceeded to grab the attention of the ENTIRE restaurant by shouting, "She just said YES!" Everyone stopped to applaud and then, in full Broadway style, she started to sing "Going to the Chapel (and we’re gonna get marr-ied)" for us. It was a magical serenade and made the night even more special. As we were walking out, we thanked the restaurant again for such a wonderful experience and said the singer was the perfect touch. The hostess replied that she had never seen the woman in her life - and it turns out it was a complete stranger who put the icing on our proposal cake..." Photo by @mackenseyalexander

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