Wedding - Kat Williams

Kat Williams

I can't even tell you how much I love this man. It's midnight and while I'm dozing off on the sofa he's at our renovation house packing magazines so we can start shipping all your pre-orders out tomorrow on schedule... Not to mention the fact that he was also there all day today pulling up floorboards, laying joists (which he taught himself to do by watching YouTube videos!) and installing electrical sockets. Last night he drove us the 3+ hours home from the wedding while I slept in the passenger seat. People always tell me they "Don't know how I do it"... How I achieve so much with the business without a huge team behind me. Well I don't need a huge team because I've got the best teammate right by my side. He stays behind the scenes and doesn't like a fuss but fuck me he works so damn hard. It's a ridiculous cliché but I couldn't do ANY OF THIS without him. Gareth, you are amazing. I appreciate you. I love you now and forever and ever.

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