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Laura Hooper

When I first started my business over 15 years ago, the only service I offered was handwritten envelope addressing on envelopes provided by my clients. I knew nothing about printing or paper. I hadn't written on wood signs or macarons or agate slices or ribbon. I hadn't created custom maps or printed them on tote bags. I hadn't ever considered teaching others via a starter kit, in person workshops or online courses. I hadn't thought about writing a book. My beginning looked nothing like what I have achieved today with my business - and that is completely okay. .. Everyone has a beginning, and with the art of calligraphy, everyone has to put in a lot of work to develop their skill. Please try not to compare your beginning to someone else's middle! We've all heard it, but I know it's easier said than done. .. If you're stuck in that stage where you know how to use the tools but aren't seeing true improvement in your skills, I want to help you move beyond that point. The only way to get there is to practice. And practice, and practice and practice. .. This is why Alyssa & I created the Calligraphy Practice Plan. The drills we've curated will help develop your consistency, overall skills with the tools & a sustainable practice routine. Only YOU can put in the actual work, but I want to make it easier to tackle with a tangible plan to follow over the course of 5-weeks & beyond. .. TODAY (9/28) in the LAST day to enroll, so click the link in my profile for full details & to sign up & make the commitment to yourself to improve your calligraphy skills. And if you aren't joining us, I hope you still take these words to heart & don't give up! .. {pic by | ribbon @honeysilksco | invitation suite @lhcalligraphy | vintage stamps @underwoodletterpress}

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