Wedding - Jay Cassario

Jay Cassario

Similar to another shot I posted recently, I wanted to try a slightly different look to this one. Since moving to the SL system as my main wedding setup I’ve been experimenting more with creatively using natural light, especially when it’s this good. I’ll be posting a few shots I’ve taken recently with the SL and 50mm Summilux SL. That setup is a huge reason for me making the switch to the full SL setup. The image quality and character are simply hard to beat. BTS shot @sandi_twistedoaksstudio took of you scroll to the right. @twistedoaksstudio #weddingphotographer #leicasl #leica #shadowsandlight #theknot theknotpro #myexposureedit #thereedssh #jerseyshore #weddingphotography #blackandwhiteweddingphotos @leicacamerausa @leicaproimage

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