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Stone Fox Bride

Paul and I have been dating for 5-years, we met during Hurricane Sandy. I work for a home care agency (in administration) and he was in medical school – we both went to a local shelter to help out for work and ended up meeting there (sounds really cute but was pretty awkward). We were sort of inseparable from our first date shortly after we met but Paul was finishing medical school and starting his general surgery residency. As glamorous as the doctors-life can sound, being the significant other of a surgical resident is extremely tough but we just always made it work and always wanted to be together without question. Flash-forward to exactly 5-years to the date of Hurricane Sandy, a very Sandy-like day in terms of weather – Paul comes home from work on Sunday, we have naan pizza for lunch and we sit on the couch in our cozy apartment that we both love so much. Reminiscing – how has it been 5 years? And he’s down on one knee, says he wants to make this forever. #stonefoxrings

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