Wedding - ⚡️D E L B A R R M O R A D I ⚡️

⚡️D E L B A R R M O R A D I ⚡️

As I think about the beginning of a new year, I’m smiling. I’m stronger. I’m more at peace with life moving forward than I was just a few months ago. 2017 was intense for me and I’m not afraid to say I’m glad it’s come to a close. It was a challenging year on all levels, between work + motherhood + planning for the future, not to mention some unanticipated physical challenges (that I’m still working through). I’m just thankful to finally be in the light and ready for my fresh start! Choosing to live a slower life with less distraction, more time with my kids, more self care, less chaos, more peace, keeping my friends closer and ready for another great adventure, wherever it leads! Cheers! #happynewyear // photo @edytaphoto

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