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"TJ saw a Facebook post from a photographer who was looking for a couple to model for a photoshoot – they'd pose as a real bride and groom. TJ asked if I was interested and even the thought of getting dressed up got me excited, so of course I said yes! When we got to the shoot, there was a style team to dress me up and do my hair, and TJ had a beautiful grey tux waiting for him. The set was also *beautiful*. I didn't see TJ until I was fully glammed up and ready for the shoot, and even then, they asked me to take some shots of just the bride first. After a few photos by myself, I finally noticed TJ walking towards me....crying! He looked so excited as he walked up and reached for my left hand. He told me he didn't ever want to live life without me and then got down on one knee. I was so confused and my first thought was "is this part of the shoot?!??!" But when I looked back at this face–full of love and tears–I knew it was for real. I snapped out of my shock, and said YES over and over again."

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