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Corbin Gurkin

3.22.18 ☘️One year of Emerson Last week in Paris we strolled Emerson down the street and he gave a smiling thumbs up to a group of nuns scurrying past. They giggled & pointed and we talked about how perfect our little one is for the better half of the afternoon. We spend a lot of days like this - talking about Emerson - the way we used to marvel at Waldorf in many ways. He seems to have picked up where our first love left off. And I wonder if it is because parenthood, for a year at least, has taken us both by surprise. How for nine months I think I quietly braced myself for losing my independent life completely or expecting I’d never take another shower lasting more than 3 least for a while... but maybe after all the drama to his entrance into the world, fate gifted us the most easygoing sweet little human. We count ourselves so lucky. Emerson, who regularly sleeps until 9am, who shares puffs with dogs and waves at strangers in the airport. Emerson, who will happily sit with adults for a two hour dinner and occupy himself with a spoon, who finds endless entertainment in examining his hands, turning them front to back. Emerson who loves flowers and despite my best efforts, does not enjoy hats. Emerson, who patiently traveled with his mom to six countries during his first year. Each day with our darling “Cookie” has brought something new and wonderful but most of all, each day has been filled with unfathomable joy. We have taken thousands of photographs to ensure no moment was lost, that his face was captured in every light, and still it has all gone by in a flicker. He’s been the source of immeasurable happiness to doting grandparents and aunts and dear friends. I love what I do, and I’ll always be grateful for my work and my identity as a photographer and my wanderlust spirit. I’ll always want to be an example to him and encourage him to find his own path. I wasn’t always ready to be a mom - I didn’t always picture it - but of all the things I’m proud of, this will forever be mine and Thatcher’s best work. Happy 1st Birthday my sweet Emerson Irish Frost. I am forever changed.

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