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The 50 Summilux - SL vs. M I’ve been slacking on gear reviews and educational articles for some time now, so I figured it was time for something new. How does a head to head comparison of two of the most respected 50mm lenses in the game sound? Both lenses designed and engineered to be benchmarks for quality, especially when shot wide open. One made for Leica’s mirrorless SL, the other for the M. One has AF and is just about four-times the size of the other, but how do they compare? How similar are they? If you own an SL, which one should you get? You can shoot either on the SL if AF isn’t important to you. As always, I never write reviews just to write them. I put the time in to really test them in ‘real life’ shooting conditions, because I want to know the results myself. Looking forward to writing this one up and sharing it. It is pretty impressive how each are engineered to optically shoot very similarly, yet look completely different. If you’re a 50mm fan like myself, I think this will be a good one. #leicaSL #leicaM10 #50summilux

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