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Kat Williams

The husband appreciation post. ✨ He sleeps til noon and works til 5am most nights. I wake up early and fall asleep on the sofa at 10pm. ✨ He's logical and technical and has a canny knack of just understanding how things work. I like to write, and create and spreadsheets make me want to cry. ✨ He works so hard on our home, he packs and ships all your magazines (1200 need to be done this week, yes while he's also doing the kitchen project!) he keeps our business ticking over financially. ✨ He is almost my exact opposite yet we fit together perfectly. Things I can't do, he can. Things he doesn't want to be involved in, I take the reigns on. ✨ Our business would not be the same without him. Our home would not be the same without him. I would not be the same without him. ✨ Photo by @camerahannah

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