Wedding - Stone Fox Bride

Stone Fox Bride

It was a cold and lonely day in December of 2006 when we had our first "date" at Mud Cafe, a kvetch fest, post-Shala, over granola, where we bemoaned our former careers (you: PR + pilates instructor, me: publishing), then played Jewish Geography + made plans to meet up at DH's loft in Wburg that Saturday where we bonded over vegetarian lasagna and our soon-to-be-award-winning screenplays/novels. Oh, LL (formerly known as LG), how many hours have we clocked on the phone since? How many boyfriends? How many bad jobs? How many charcuteries and cups of coffee and nuggets of spiritual wisdom shared via limps plates Doma salad and FROG rocks and THREAD texts and bleary-eyed ML's first thing Monday am? And then there was the dreaded year of ghosting over I forgot what-and-why ("her house is in arrears what a phony") and the faded pink line in the back of FC, the smiley face emoji that bright Saturday morning, and way too many inflammatory proper nouns to caption on IG, only to say you are a true sister of the highest order, steadfast in your ability to show up, no matter what, to model for the rest of us how to mother with love and ferocity, and "friend" like it's a verb, and dig deep and fearlessly even when the truth hurts, "new york, new york", no one wears a high-waisted jean with such je nais se quoi. Happy Birthday beautiful Lisa-like-no-other — we are all better and brighter for sharing your orbit. May this be your best trip yet around the sun. x @thelisalundy

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