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Corbin Gurkin

Taking a breath and enjoying a bit of a drizzly day in New Hampshire at our lake house - we cleared out a china cabinet that I never really liked and sold it on Facebook to a woman who seemed like she'd give it a much more positive review in her home. I was happy to rid my space of something I found myself frowning at. No need! Out with the old I suppose ... Maybe I'm embracing that popular "Does this bring you joy?" mentality. It didn't. So onwards... Did anyone else enjoy a good room purge this weekend? We're moving house soon and I'm slowly trying to embrace the idea of leaving a few things behind. But change is never so easy for me - do you know what I mean? #TheLife-ChangingMagicofTidying #countryhouse #townandcountry #bluebirds #gulls #bigopensky

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Does this belong to you Or do you know who sells it ?

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