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Wedding Ideas

This one's for the wedding photographers! We're taking a poll. Would you rather: A) Follow the ombre petal road or B) Scream for hydrangea filled ice cream? . Okay, that's a pretty nebulous question. But one thing's for sure... Styled Social New Orleans on 10/24 will be a flower-filled wonderland worth shooting. . We're teaming up with a fab Nola team to produce a few botanical editorials, featuring all the details that make us do a double take when we see an editorial submission! . Who gets to take part? Up to 15 photographer attendees, 5 per editorial! Because no one likes jabbing elbows with someone else to get that perfect shot. . The big picture goal is for you to walk away with content that's both strong and unique to your portfolio. But also to connect you with high-end local vendors and the other attendees! Did we mention free cocktails + apps?

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