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Laura Hooper

Sadly our dahlia season looks to be coming to a close. I am so happy that here in Alexandria we have such a long period of blooming dahlias. My flowers started in June, and we have made it all the way to mid November and they still have buds. - I learned a lot this year and have plans for improvement next season, but for now I’m enjoying the very last of our little crop. I’m almost positive the chilly temps in the forecast next week will mean the demise of my little @foxhillgarden dahlia garden for this season. - That said, I’m grateful for the extra month I had them, since they made it through the first frost last month unscathed. Thanks to everyone who followed my progress in the garden this year. As always, your comments and feedback over at @foxhillgarden are so encouraging, and I appreciate seeing all the kind words and DMs you send!

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