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Jay Cassario

I often read comments from photographers on the topic of inspiration. While a lot of what I do is done with the goal of creating something new and unique, there’s also the twist of creating art in a photojournalistic fashion. But, with that being said, I’ll never deny the fact that I love being inspired by others. Whether it be found in books that I read, artists (both old and new), as well as other genres of photography. There’s also something special about admiring what others are doing in your own field. Someone asked me while away last week if I still admired the work of other photographers. I don’t think that I’ll ever stop loving photography, whether it’s my own work or someone else’s. The day I feel that nothing or no one can inspire me anymore is when I think my time in this game is through. After thinking about the question a little longer, it isn’t other art that inspires me to be... me. It’s the idea of inspiring others that honestly pushes me the most. It was an interesting convo, so now I ask you... what inspires you the most? Is it the work of other photogs in your same industry or something completely different?

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