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Stone Fox Bride

Last night, as I was putting my daughter to bed, she asked me for the "bunny stuffy". I said "do you remember the story of the bunny stuffy?" She said: "tell me again.” I did. When I was 16 weeks pregnant, Daddy and I found out at our nuchal scan that we were having a girl. On the walk back to work I stopped into the baby store and bought this rabbit. I called my Dad. "It's a girl!" I said. I was so happy. A baby girl. Big as an avocado. I walked down Broadway holding the bunny to my belly. Back then your father and I used to lay in each other's arms after work. You smell like home, he would say, and tangle his toes in my toes. These days your father and I fight over redlines in our divorce agreement. And you, tall as a tiger, can read all the billboards off the BQE. Last week you announced you'd protect me when I was an old lady — just like "you protected your Daddy when he was dying". It made me cry. I walked away so you wouldn't see. After I told you the bunny stuffy story you asked me to sit by your bed until you fell asleep. I said no. I had to wash the dishes and the truth is, I wanted time to myself. I get it, though, Little Girl — more than I want you to know. It's hard being alone in a dark room at the end of the day. Pic by @michaelleneff #divorcestories #stonefoxmama

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