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Citlalli Rico

Feliz Año Nuevo! -Highlights of 2018 part 1- Tamara and I have been HP fans forever. She read the books and fell for the story instantly when she was Harry’s age. I started loving it once I saw the first movie and since then, we became total geeks on the topic. Tamara is an obvious Hufflepuff and I am a very proud Ravenclaw. Here, we were able to check our bucket list one of our longtime dreams. 2018 was a great year filled with love, health, work and wonderful new people in our lives. Let’s make 2019 to be as good or better. If you had a hard 2018, we send you the biggest of hugs, been there and totally understand it is time for a new beginning. Feliz Año Nuevo dear friends and family! . . .

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